Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Karl grew up in the Catonsville area with four siblings.

While in the US Army and living in Germany, Karl gained hands-on experience in military intelligence during the Cold War.  He worked in the administration of a security intelligence department, assisting soldiers completing security clearances and fingerprinting before submitting to the FBI for verification.

His military work also entailed  training seminars designed to familiarize MI soldiers about  Soviet/Russian espionage.  Because the MI work also included driving the  CO to intelligence meetings in Stuttgart, Karl was able to attend  meetings about current espionage situations.  While stationed overseas,  Karl's travels throughout Europe helped develop his understanding of  foreign cultural differences.

After serving, Karl worked in  commercial construction to support himself during college. He spent seven years working in this area; attaining journeyman status. He graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, majoring in  Political Science (International Affairs, Comparative Government), with a minor in English Literature.  After college, Karl worked as a construction manager for construction and engineering firms.

Karl has spent the last several decades maintaining and expanding his  knowledge of Middle East politics and social movements. Before retiring,  Karl began to fulfill a long-held desire to write novels. Now fully  retired, he has written four, one family saga and three espionage  novels. Karl is a member of the Eastern Shore Writers Association, the Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild, and the Maryland Writers Association.  He attends the Creatures, Crime and Creativity conference annually as well as many others.