The former army captain, Paul Remmich, is an agent for Tariq'Allah, a secret Iraqi spy organization.  Having been drugged, hypnotized, and  conditioned, Remmich believes the organization is force for good in the  world.  Now he is once again deployed on a mission - this time to Cuba.

Meanwhile, Remmich's long-time friend, Major Eric Miller, extends his military intelligence role and also accepts a position in the CIC, the  counterintelligence corps. A temporary transfer to Cuba is both a  training exercise and a hunt for AWOL soldiers. When he catches a glimpse of Remmich meeting with Iraqi cohorts in Havana, Miller's suspicions are raised.

Upon Remmich's return home,  he is assigned another responsibility. The Iraqis have become confident in their success at recruiting him and want to expand their infiltration into an African Third World country. This time they set their sights on Remmich's best friend.

Can Miller escape their clutches, or is he destined to become another brainwashed mole for the Iraqi underground?

Espionage is the objective. Suspense is the plot. Determination is the theme.

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