Spying is a strategy for a Middle East country like Iraq, especially against the United States. But when an additional Middle East country, namely Iran, becomes involved, their combined efforts add another thorn in the West’s side, all for the secret organization called Tariq'Allah. 

The book opens with a plot to steal classified scientific data from the United States. A secret pact between Iraq and Iran includes two Iranian biophysicists disguised as Egyptians to mislead and divert possible suspicion.

Paul Remmich and Eric Miller are intelligence officers who were recently targeted by Iraqi spies to become moles, in service to the Tariq’Allah. They evaded the Iraqis and are secretly working at the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) at Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia. 

At the same time, the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico is undertaking a sophisticated biophysics study. Ten scientists from various Middle East countries have been invited to participate. The group will work alongside LANL scientists to solve major health issues. Both for their safety and because of their knowledge, Remmich and Miller are sent to teach the attending foreign scientists how to decode encrypted medical terms as part of their studies. 

What the officers and director at LANL don’t know is that two of the visiting scientists plan to find and confiscate that same classified scientific file.  The question finally becomes whether this theft is part of a bigger plot, where the Iraqis fit in, and whether Remmich and Miller will ever be safe.

This novel is a military thriller, similar to The Hunt for Red October and The Camel Club, and blends realistic action with the suspense of  whether it could really happen.

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